About Us

Our Story

Copybar was born from a pivot. Spawned from the need to embed forms on third-party websites. The history of our project is no different than most other startups. We started out down one wooded path only to find ourselves in an entirely different forest. We knew all markets were challenging, we were not prepared for how challenging the SMB enterprise market actually was. The moment we saw the opportunity to change our focus from solving business process problems to solving a technology problem we took it. We don't disparage the former, but we do relish in the latter.

We started development of this application in mid-June and launched a prototype in late July. We received very positive feedback from advisors, friends, and a few potential power users. With this early validation we pushed forward to MVP.

Our Project

The problem with MVP is that it is elusive. You have to know what features people need and want even if they don't know they want or need them. You also have to get actionable feedback from a variety of potential users to understand how to best allocate resources, and capital if you have it, to generate the most traction. We knew we needed a few hot features to get peoples attention, and I think we found them

Our most savvy feature is our automatic onboarding process. Users can start interacting with Copybar elements before they establish an account, providing them with an easy test environment. Our hottest feature is our incontext editing and dynamic element creation. Similar to our onboarding process, you don't have to predetermine what elements you want to edit. Just add as many or as few Copybar snippets as you want. In fact, you can use our HTML5 data-prefill tag and a display:none option to pull in existing content on your site, and replicate it in a Coybar element for immediate incontext editing. This allows older static html sites to become dynamic with very little coding.

The Future

Where do we go from here? Traction, user feedback, bug fixes, and a seed round.