About Us

Our Story

Copybar was born from a pivot. Spawned from the need to embed forms on third-party websites. The history of our project is no different than most other startups. We started out down one wooded path only to find ourselves in an entirely different forest. We knew all markets were challenging, we were not prepared for how challenging the SMB enterprise market actually was. The moment we saw the opportunity to change our focus from solving business process problems to solving a technology problem we took it. We don't disparage the former, but we do relish in the latter.

We started development of this application in mid-June and launched a prototype in late July. We received very positive feedback from advisors, friends, and a few potential power users. With this early validation we pushed forward to MVP.

Our Project

The problem with MVP is that it is elusive. You have to know what features people need and want even if they don't know they want or need them. You also have to get actionable feedback from a variety of potential users to understand how to best allocate resources, and capital if you have it, to generate the most traction. We knew we needed a few hot features to get peoples attention, and I think we found them

Our most savvy feature is our automatic onboarding process. Users can start interacting with Copybar elements before they establish an account, providing them with an easy test environment. Our hottest feature is our incontext editing and dynamic element creation. Similar to our onboarding process, you don't have to predetermine what elements you want to edit. Just add as many or as few Copybar snippets as you want. In fact, you can use our HTML5 data-prefill tag and a display:none option to pull in existing content on your site, and replicate it in a Coybar element for immediate incontext editing. This allows older static html sites to become dynamic with very little coding.

The Future

Where do we go from here? Traction, user feedback, bug fixes, and a seed round.

The Team

Marc Cantwell Founder

Marc-headshot Marc Cantwell is a seasoned technology expert and business strategist. Whether it is high-finance, job- shop manufacturing, or retail sales Marc's experience spans all silos. After graduating from Pomona College with a double major in Philosophy and Classical Studies, he went on to work for Smith Barney where he helped small business owners implement retirement plans and protect their assets.

Marc moved to Mercer Consulting, a global leader in business consulting, where he was responsible for leading the development of performance management systems and career models for Fender Guitar, Oregon Health Sciences University Foundation, and Microsoft. Marc regularly interfaced with the investment committees and board members of the west’s largest companies in addition to portfolio managers from around the world.

During his time at Mercer, Marc independently conceived, developed and successfully launched a national technology initiative to streamline quarterly performance reporting. As a result, the firm was able to eliminate multiple redundancies and improve the quality and timeliness of reports, resulting in higher analyst retention and better client relations.

Marc's experience isn't limited to working on super-sized projects for multi-nationals, he also owned and operated a building material supply company so he could spend more time with his family. He turned that experience into IncFlow a customer self-service portal for brick and mortar companies.

Marc is a regular contractor for Microsoft Office where he builds templates (e.g. newsletters, calendars, invoices) for publication on office.com. Most recently Marc updated templates for the next release of Microsoft Office, Office15.

Locally, Marc volunteers his web administration talents to Bainbridge Performing Arts where he enjoys acting in show every once and a while.

Mark Hurwitz Founder

Mark Hurwitz is an experienced technophile and educator. He owns and operates Web Guitar Tutor (www.webguitartutor.com), a completely online guitar instruction studio. He has built this business from scratch, completing all the web design, marketing, and servicing of clients by himself. This business has been a treasure to him and his students since 2008.

Mark graduated from Pomona College with a degree in Philosophy. After college, he chose to hike across the country, become an ordained buddhist monk, and have two kids. In his career at Rinzai-ji, an international Zen Buddhist organization, duties were to facilitate group retreats and oversee business operations. In this capacity, he developed marketing and promotional materials for the Summer Seminar in Buddhism, a 30 year old academic tradition hosted by Rinzai-ji.

Mark later joined Marc Cantwell to help at Chinook Materials, which was Cantwell’s own building material supply company. Mark created more than $10M in sales leads by navigating databases and online services. In particular, Mark helped overhaul the company’s pre-qualification process and, in so doing, helped pave the way for IncFlow, a customer self-service portal he co-founded.

Mark is a student of modern web technologies. His projects have included front-page web design, back-end Ruby on Rails development, marketing, SEO and content production. He strives for proficiency in the wide array of skills required for building successful online businesses.

After a day of building code, writing content and teaching guitar lessons, Mark likes to cook dinner for his family and watch Yo Gabba Gabba with his kids.